How Perk managed to decrease technical debt and improve their workflow.

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Codebeat helps us understand where quality improvements need to be made to pay down out technical debt
Blake Gardner, CTO
Perk, being the number one mobile rewards company in the world has over 200 employees across two continents. With over 50 mobile native code bases between Android and iOS enforcing code quality standards can be a challenge. We needed a tool monitor and objectively score code written by developers.

Perk found code beat while doing research into mobile code quality tools. After evaluation of several competing tools codebeat was found to be superior to all others.

The support for multiple languages on different platforms has allowed Perk to consolidate all of our code quality metric tools into codebeat with very little setup. Codebeat was the only tool that supported Java, Objective-C and Typescript out of the box.

Perk follows the git-flow model of branching and uses GitHub for pull requests, which codebeat integrates with. We can create pull requests in Github and monitor activity via the seamless Slack integration.


Codebeat helps us understand where quality improvements need to be made to pay down our technical debt.

We are able to enforce standards across the board and easily onboard new developers onto the team because there is not a lot of variation in code written between multiple employees on a project.

Perk is able to hire and retain developers for longer than industry average because developers are able to work on clean, documented and interesting code bases.

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