How Netguru managed to keep their organization well-informed and deliver high-quality code in every project.

Netguru offers international consulting services in programming, systems integration, design, and software solutions creation.
Having 200 in-house specialists working on many projects at the same time requires an efficient tool that will help create high-quality products and provide developers with easy access to knowledge. That's why Netguru was presented with a challenge of finding a tool that would help manage the process efficiently.
We strongly believe in the quality of our work and think that an extra eye will be able to find mistakes before they occur in front of our users. This extra step might help us to protect our clients against losses related to it. That's why we also take advantage of computer performance (Codebeat tools). It helps us optimize the process.
Adam Nowak, Head of Technology

Netguru designs products in multiple teams across dozens of concurrent projects, working with a different stack. Such a big group of specialists is not easy to manage, which creates a substantial challenge in making sure that products will meet customer expectations and be up to the highest standards.

Netguru believes that the quality of our products is a key aspect in generating value for customers, including such as in-depth reports and little technical debt. Eliminating errors at an early stage using one tool working in different development languages is crucial.

  • Effective code review process with a single tool for all teams and all development languages (Ruby on Rails, Javascript and mobile: iOS and Android)
  • Expanded team management to facilitate complex processes stemming from the high number of developers and projects they are involved in.
  • Keeping up with Netguru's clients' expectations regarding quality and on-time delivery.


After testing multiple tools available online, Netguru decided to give Codebeat a try as not only did it offer a reliable code review process, but also excellent customer support and customized solutions made on Netguru's request.

The crucial feature was Slack integration, which helped us stay up-to-date with every change and keep the quality mindset within each team.

  • Solutions tailored to Netguru's requirements and great customer support
  • One code review tool supporting all languages used in the company: Ruby, JavaScript, iOS and Android development languages
  • Integration with Pull Requests


Thanks to Codebeat, everybody involved in each project is well-informed. The tool helps define Quick Wins and make sure that every developer produces clean, high-quality code that meets Netguru's highest standards. It also saves a lot of time - we can maintain those high standards across the entire spectrum of our projects.

A good project management system allows teams to quickly move developers between projects. The "star" system, implemented on Netguru's request made it possible to filter hundreds of projects to find only those relevant to particular developer.

  • Better team management and significant work flow improvement in four weeks
  • Code quality improvement
  • Faster and more efficient code review process

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